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The Fundamentals Connection

The other day I read a post on the fundamental concepts of projection, rotation, and isolation found in Aikido that my brother had shared in his Shunpookan Aikido group on Facebook. Dan is an excellent aikido instructor, taking a very practical and serious approach to both his training and his teaching.

As I read his post, I was struck by the fact that we have essentially the same ideas in Isshin-ryu Karate (or, at least how some of us practice it). These same concepts very often apply to how we, as Isshin-ryu practitioners, “greet” our attacker’s technique.

Here is the original post about these three Aikido fundamentals …

Three Aikido Fundamental Principles

Sensei Dan Gilbert

Last night in class we talked about structure, and the three fundamental concepts you can use in your Aikido. In every technique you will see power projection, rotation, and isolation. Different approaches…

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