American Self-Defense Federation: We are growing


It is a lot of work getting a new organization started and then providing value to its members. However, I think the ASDF has made a good start, and we have some excellent people on board.

To date, we have instructors representing traditional schools of Shunpookan Aikido, Uechi-ryu Karate, Largo Mano Escrima, and Isshin-ryu Karate. Many of these instructors have been in organizations before and know what they do not want to see. I firmly believe this will strengthen the ASDF and keep us fixed on our mission – to provide support and affordable training for traditional-minded martial artists.

There is a philosophical difference between traditional martial artists and sports martial artists; one is not right or the other wrong; they are just different. Traditional martial artists take a classical approach to training and their art’s philosophical values (budo). In addition, traditional schools tend to be smaller groups of highly dedicated practitioners. The mission of the ASDF is designed to bring them together to help share knowledge, training, and fellowship while working to maintain high-quality standards in training for both students and instructors.

We have also been joined by several dedicated kyu-rank students who are serious and work hard. I have trained with them and their instructors and they are a welcome addition. Of course, any organization can only be as good as its leadership; we all understand that. But I would go one step further. Building for the future requires solid future leadership. With a stable membership of traditional martial artists, we can build an organization we will all be proud of. I hope you will give serious thought to joining us. Talk to one of our advisory board members – or any of our members.

You can join by visiting our website at and the membership page.

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  1. Well said……and I believe many more solid instructors and students will be joining us in the very near future

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