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Announcing ASDF Happy Hours

We are going to try something new with the ASDF. This is something that an online veteran’s network I am a member of does, and it works pretty well. The group is Veterans Referring Veterans. And what they do is hold weekly virtual Happy Hours! I thought we could try them monthly, and begin with […]

Sensei Louie Grinnell inducted into The Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame

Previous Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame Visit Last night after work, I drove up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for the 2022 Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame banquet. I’ve been to this event three or four times in my life. The last time I went to the Hall of Fame Banquet and Tournament was several years ago, in the […]

The ASDF is now on Instagram!

As we work to provide value to our members and instructors, part of this will be networking, exposure, and marketing efforts on behalf of member instructors. To that end, the American Self-Defense Federation is now on Instagram. While we are just getting started, we will utilize this account to highlight member instructors, represented arts, member […]