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So, what the heck is Chinquchi?

A sneeze typically begins with a slight irritating itch in the nose, that itch grows in intensity until finally, the sneeze erupts in a body-wrenching explosion of released energy! I once threw my back out with a particularly magnificent sneeze.

ASDF March News

March Happy Hour! Our ASDF Happy Hour for March will be on 3/19 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The presenter will be Sensei Eddie Satterfield, a longtime Isshin-ryu practitioner who holds a 6th Dan in Isshin-ryu and has trained with many great instructors, including being a student of  Sensei Sherman Harrill. Eddie has a lot of…

An Extremely Successful Third ASDF Happy Hour

We had our third ASDF Happy Hour Sunday at 7:00 pm and we had a record attendance. Eight members logged in for the session. Sensei Mike McGee led a great discussion centering around the idea of “spirit” in the martial arts … as in Body, Mind, and Spirit. It turned into a pretty deep discussion…