A great September Seminar with Sensei John Kerker

Gilbert's Isshin-ryu Karate School

Sorry, folks! I have to apolgize. This may be a bit late getting posted, but life has been crazy the last few months with recovering from COVID, craziness at work, karate classes, etc. However, we did have a fantastic seminar on September 9th and 10th with Sensei John Kerker covering Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan Bo and Sai Kihon on Friday evening and then several of Master Tatsuo Shimubuku’s kumite techniques on Saturday.

Friday night we worked the bo kihon needed to perform the first bo kihon kata and then spent time learning that first bo kata. It really is a great little kata. After a short break, we worked on the ten sai kihon, and then learned Akamine’s Sai Kihon Kata Ichi, another great little kata.

Saturday, we worked several of Master Shimabuku’s kumite techniques. I had asked Kerker Sensei to focus more on quality (understanding the lessons underlying the kumite…

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